Confederate flag creates tension in Blue Springs

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. - Is it racism or just a representation of heritage? Parents and students at Blue Springs High School are outraged over students wearing or displaying the Confederate flag on school property this week.

A parent contacted 41 Action News reporter Mitch Weber who then spoke to a district spokesperson who says they took immediate action.

Still, some parents and students argue it's not enough.

It’s a symbol with more than 150 years of history, much of which is controversial. "The meaning of the flag isn't about being a rebel anymore it's more towards racism now," said Paige, a junior at Blue Springs High School.

Students say they've seen the flag at least twice this week outside and inside of the school.


"This boy was in the lunch room and put the Confederate flag on his back as if he was Superman or something," said Sapphire, a junior at the school.

She says an assistant principal did confront the teen and removed him from the cafeteria. "He took the flag from him and when he walked away, the kid said an inappropriate word and he said I still have it on my hat."

The next day, students showed 41 Action News a picture with the same flag over a balcony, which lead to a confrontation.

"They said that it doesn't represent racism to them but you know the controversy over the flag. It's okay for you to put it on your truck or whatever, but keep it at home for you to show it and bring it to school is inappropriate,” one student said.

The School District wouldn't go on camera but released this statement:

"We are aware of the incident and it was addressed immediately.  We strive to maintain a positive school environment for all of our students, and we take the necessary steps to continue to provide it. Blue Springs High School has a very positive school climate and this situation has provided some teachable moments for the young people in our care."

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