Former youth minister charged with child molestation

BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. - Former youth pastor Jeffrey Dorris of Blue Springs, Mo., was charged in Jackson County court Tuesday with 12 counts of child sex crimes.

Court records accuse Dorris of molesting a 13-year-old girl between 2007 and 2010.

"I had known him since 2000, I trusted him completely with my kids," the victim's mother who isn't being identified said. "When she was little, she said 'he touched me.'"

The victim told police that Dorris forced her into sexual acts, and when she began to struggle and scream, he put his hand over the victim's mouth.

"I didn't protect her. I didn't do anything about it. I mean I didn't know, and I should have. I think I should have knew as a mom," her mother said.

Now, the victim's mother is speaking out because she fears Dorris may have done the same thing to other kids.

"He's always been around kids with basketball," she said.

She says Dorris would regularly take her daughter on out of town trips with her girls' recreational basketball team

In the early 90's Dorris was a youth minister at the Evangelistic Center in Kansas City.

"If anyone has come in contact with him, they need to talk to their kids," the victim's mother said.

Court documents also accuse Dorris of physically abusing the victims younger brother.

They also states when police told Dorris of the allegations, he did not deny them.

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