Body of 12-year-old boy recovered from ice-covered lake in Odessa, Mo.

ODESSA, Mo. - Odessa Schools cancelled class on Monday because of the cold and snow. However, it wasn't cold enough to freeze over Holiday Lake.

That afternoon, 12-year-old Devin Fossett fell through the ice at the lake and drowned.

Several people said Fossett was an adventurous boy who loved to explore the woods around his Odessa home.

“I'd see him out walking around a lot, out in the woods, just having fun," Fossett’s neighbor Michael Hobbs said.

Hobbs said the first time he met the boy he was dressed in full camouflage with his BB gun in hand.

"He was known to go out and spend maybe an hour, two hours outside. That wasn't uncommon and (he) liked doing that," Odessa Fire and Rescue Chief Kevin Campbell said.

But Monday afternoon, his family got concerned when he was gone for too long. Odessa Fire and Rescue helped search for the boy.

When crews got to Holiday Lake, they saw Devin's dog.

"He stayed, when we got there the dog was still there. He'd come up but he kept going back to that same area where the pellet gun was laying. It seemed like the dog knew where the young man had entered on to the ice," Chief Campbell said.

Despite the single digit temperatures, the ice wasn't thick enough in the center.

Devin's friends created a Facebook page and asked classmates to wear green or camouflage in memory of the adventurous young boy.

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