Cause of deadly Orrick, Mo., fire under investigation

ORRICK, Mo. - Orrick resident Randy Garrison stood among the charred remains of his house on Wednesday.

He said he made every possible attempt he could to try and save his two sons three-year old Roger and one-year old Ashton during Wednesday's fire that consumed the house.

Around 11:30 Wednesday morning, Garrison was sleeping after coming home from working a 24-hour shift.

He told us that he woke up to the screams from his sons.

According to Garrison, a bungee cord prevented him from getting into the bedroom where his sons were located.

He said he then tried unsuccessfully to break thru the walls of the bedroom.

On Wednesday morning, he went back to the burned house. He said to try and be close to his sons.

The boys' toys were still in what was once the front lawn— a reminder of how innocence was consumed by flames.

The entire incident is under investigation.

On Wednesday afternoon, 41 Action News learned that there are two investigators with the state's fire safety division that is helping with the fire's "cause and origin investigation."

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