Missing boy from Smithville found, taken to hospital for observation

A 12-year-old boy is safe Thursday, after a frantic overnight search near Smithville Lake.

Travis Covey ran away from his parents' home Wednesday morning. Twenty-four hours later, a driver spotted him walking along the highway in Liberty.

Travis was taken to the hospital, because he was very cold when deputies found him miles from his home.

A driver heading down 92 Highway spotted the boy after recognizing him from the news and called 911.

Deputies searched for Travis 24 hours straight on foot, on four-wheelers and in their vehicles.

They said they spotted him twice, but both times the boy darted into the woods and hid from officers.

The boy is familiar to these deputies because he has run away on four different occasions over the last four years, hiding on a trail in the woods, sleeping in a car and in an abandoned barn.

Neighbors said Travis enjoys camping so he's familiar with the outdoors.

Travis' parents said they're incredibly happy to have the boy home.

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