Claycomo leaders have high hopes as Ford adds new workers

CLAYCOMO, Mo. - Good news at the Ford plant in Claycomo is good news for Claycomo administrators. 

Claycomo, is the closest neighbor of the Ford plant and is actually considered a village with 1,430 residents.

"We saw a big drop in our city budget when Ford's reduced its production and fewer people were working there," Chairman Ben Watkins said.

Now, Chairman Watkins and other Claycomo leaders are hoping that because Ford is expanding and adding 1,000 new employees, it will result in a financial gain for the area.

"When Ford was up and running and fully operational, our city budget's income was $650,000," Watkins said. "When Ford decreased production and lost workers, our city budget's income dropped to $400,000."

Watkins is hoping the latest expansion will return the budget to $650,000 or more.

"We also believe the increased traffic will help existing businesses and even convince new businesses to locate here," he said.

Chairman Watkins said the city has a long list of things that need to be done if they get more money. They would like to make improvements to the community center as well as a couple of parks.

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