Former Clay County sheriff's lieutenant sues; claiming gender, age discrimination

CLAY COUNTY, Mo. - Court documents show a former Clay County employee is demanding a jury trial claiming she suffered age and gender discrimination and retaliation for complaining about the boss, Sheriff Paul Vescovo.

"We can acknowledge the lawsuit but can't comment. The truth will come out," Lt. Will Akin said.

The sheriff's office is tight-lipped for now about the allegations, b ut former Lt. Brenda Hasty holds nothing back in her lawsuit.

Documents state the almost 30-year department veteran claims she was demoted to courthouse security when Vescovo re-organized the department in December. 

Who took her place? A younger man she used to supervise and had disciplined who was also a friend of the sheriff.

Vescovo had won back the sheriff's office in an election the month before.

Hasty's demotion came with a $10,000 pay cut. Hasty resigned citing not just retaliation and age discrimination, but eight years of gender discrimination including getting paid less than her male counterparts.

Future dates for this case have not yet been set.

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