Governor Nixon encourages Orrick, Mo., to look at the long-term

ORRICK, Mo. - Governor Jay Nixon toured the town of Orrick, Mo., for the first time since the tornado hit 11 days before.  Most of the debris has been cleared but there's still a long road of recovery ahead.

"We're not done. There are additional things to get done to get this town back. Bottom line: this was a significant storm that came right down the center of this close knit community that's a significant part of both our transportation and agriculture infrastructure," Nixon said during a meeting with town officials.

The governor didn't expect the EF-2 tornado would qualify for FEMA assistance. During the visit, he stressed the importance of community.

"Just remember there were people here before the tornado hit who had challenges, and whatever those challenges were there are going to be more afterwards. They're not going to be less, they're going to add to that layer of challenges in their lives," he said.

Even though the tornado destroyed Kathleen Habegger's roof, porch and fence, she's proud to call the town home.
"I automatically just came adopted in through all the neighbors and everything. I mean this is one of the reasons I moved here, small community. Everybody watches everybody else," she said.

Keeping residents in the small town of 800 is a major concern. However, the Orrick Christian Church Pastor and School Board Director Art Endsley doesn't think that will be a problem.

"People live here because they want to live here. They live here because we have great small school ethics and morals and all the things you get from a small agricultural community. It's important that they get that. They want to live here," Endsley said.

Another big hurdle is getting insurance claims covered. Insurance representatives continued Wednesday to assess damage throughout the town.

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