Phone call puts Grandview man behind bars

GRANDVIEW, MO - One phone call put a Grandview man behind bars Friday night.

Police say Mark Esterley called police and threatened to shoot students. He did not specify a certain district or school. Police say Esterley was angered after watching a video of teenagers robbing a disabled veteran in Grandview on television.

Caitlyn Borders and her little sister are elementary school students in the Grandview school district.

Borders said Friday was not a regular day of school.

"They made us stay inside and they locked all the doors," she said.

Grandview schools put the entire district on lock down for two hours after police said Esterley threatened to shoot students.

This left Caitlyn and her sister scared and put their mother Dwanna Gatlin on edge.

"I was ready to drive up to the school at that moment," Gatlin said. 

Police tracked down Mark Esterley at his home in Grandview, about a seven minute drive from an elementary school. They said he was upset by a video he saw on television.

In a probable cause statement from the Jackson County Prosecutor's office, when Esterley was questioned about the threats, he said, "I made the phone call, I know I shouldn't have but I did it."

According to the probable cause statement Esterley also said, "What those kids did to that vet was wrong and they need to be caught. "

In the statement, he claims he had no intention of shooting students.

41 Action News spoke with those who say they are close to Esterley .They said there was a miscommunication between he and the Grandview Police Department. They said Esterley would not hurt students.

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