2 girls who missed graduation because of accident get special ceremony

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Graduation is the moment every high school student looks forward to.  But two weeks ago, Truman High School graduates Molly Varney and Paige Hopkins didn’t know if they'd ever have the chance to participate in their high school graduation ceremony.

On May 25, the two girls were in the car on the way to their graduation when they got into a terrifying car wreck.

"It was scary. We were just heading, ready to walk out the door and go to graduation, and the phone rang. I answered it and it's ‘Are you Paige's dad?’ and I could hear sirens in the background and my stomach just dropped,” Paige’s father Ryan Hopkins said.

"When I got that call from Molly and she was pretty much hysterical, I pretty much lost it," Molly’s mother Mary Varney said.

Paige was at the wheel when they were t-boned by another vehicle.

"There’s glass everywhere and all of sudden the car is going in the wrong direction and we were both screaming," Molly said.

Paige had a laceration on her forehead and crushed her hand between the steering wheel and door.

Thankfully, the two girls made it out with no broken bones and a week later, the Independence School District told the two they would honor them with a special graduation.

"I was just shocked, I thought they we're just going to send our diplomas in the mail or something," Molly said.

"It took away a large part of the guilty feelings I was feeling for Molly not being able to go," Paige said.

Paige will go to Missouri State to study psychology and Molly plans to go to Longview.

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