City issues challenge to raise awareness of homelessness

INDEPENDENCE, Missouri - This week the city of Independence hopes to bring more awareness of their residents who are living in poverty.

It is National Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week.

This week the Independence Hungry & Homeless Coalition is issuing a self challenge to all residents.

“Independence decided that we're just not going to let these people be invisible,” says City Councilman Jim Schultz.

The week kicked off with a food stamp challenge.

“Yesterday was the food stamp challenge. The national average is $21 per person a week, which is three dollars a day, one dollar a meal. So we challenged people. Can you really live on that budget,” asks Nicole Collier. She is the Hungry & Homeless Coordinator for the city.

Tuesday is Open Microphone Night at the Main Street Coffeehouse. It begins at 7 p.m. People are encouraged to come share their stories about being hungry or homeless.

Wednesday is community service day.

On Thursday people are asked to skip one meal and donate the money they would have used for the meal to a charity.

The week concludes with movie night. Residents are asked to watch a movie involving homelessness.

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