Independence mother concerned by lack of action after son chased home from bus stop

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Tanzie Burch moved her four boys in to a house in Independence less than a month ago, in part for the big front yard.

Now, her oldest son Darnell is afraid to go outside.

"Darnell refuses to go outside. Which is horrible. We are home and he's not comfortable at home," Tanzie said.

That's because of what happened after school Tuesday in the 1400 block of Mechanic Avenue. When the bus dropped him off, he says a man shouted at him from the field, briefly chased him, then drove his car up to their home and parked in the driveway while Darnell hid inside with the kitchen knives.

"He pulls out of our driveway, pulls into the neighbor's driveway, sits over there for a few minutes and then he just goes up and down the block a couple times before finally leaving," Darnell said.

Tanzie said she rushed home and called police.

"They told me we had to answer important phone calls first. So apparently someone almost snatching my kid isn't important enough. So I went to the police station myself to make the report," Tanzie said.

Tanzie called the school district the next morning and now is warning anyone who'll listen to be on the lookout.

Tanzie said the bus drops Darnell off some 200 feet from his door, despite having to pass by the house afterwards. Most of the walk is past empty fields and woods and she worries, had her son been taken, there would have been no witnesses.

Nancy Lewis, spokeswoman with the Independence School District, said the district had received information of the incident specific to the family's location, but not specific to the school Darnell attended.

"We are working with police on this incident," Lewis said.

As of Wednesday night, Lewis said parents and school administration in the area had not been notified of the incident.

"I feel like every parent in this area should be aware of what's going on," Tanzie said. "The school should be aware."

Police said they are looking for an older white man in his 50s or 60s who was driving a burgundy four-door car.

Tanzie said this was the first time she'd ever let her boys come home to an empty house. The very first time, and the very last time

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