Independence police forecasting crimes before they happen

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Independence, Mo., police are lowering crime rates by forecasting them before they happen.

McCoy Park was known for its homeless camps and police noticed several crimes associated with them.

However, because of a new initiative police say the camp is no longer there and the number of issues reported has dropped.

Jennifer Dachenhausen is the Crime Analyst at the Independence Police Department. She said since Chief Tom Dailey started the "Core Process," crime in the city is down.

"Core" is a proactive approach instead of reactive.

Dachenhausen looks for patterns and trends and can actually forecast where a crime will take place.

"Here's where I think it's going to happen, here's the day it's going to happen, here's the time it's going to happen and we've got resources. We had our guys there and they committed a robbery and we got them," Dachenhausen said.

It has especially worked in decreasing issues associated with the homeless population like theft and trespassing.

Last year, they gave people who committed a minor crime the option to get help at a shelter rather than going to jail.

"In the five different crime disorders we were judging and statistically calculating, we saw an overall drop of 20 to 30 percent in each of the categories at a minimum," Dachenhausen said.

They started the same initiative two weeks ago and neighbors like Pat Martin said they already noticed a change.

"We haven't seen them roaming around here lately so it's much better," Martin said.

Because of Independence's success other cities adopted this process including nearby Olathe.

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