Jessica Ridgeway sighting? Police in Maine on lookout for station wagon

DEXTER, Maine - Authorities in Maine have put out a call to stop a car with Colorado plates in connection to the disappearance of Jessica Ridgeway.

Jessica, from the Denver suburb of Westminster, was last seen Friday as she walked to school. Her father and great grandmother live in Independence, Mo.

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KMGH, our Scripps affiliate station in Denver, reports police in the town of Dexter, Maine have issued a statewide alert for a light blue station wagon after a possible sighting of the 10-year-old girl.

A woman saw Jessica's picture on the internet on Tuesday and alerted police she saw a girl who looked very much like Jessica in the back seat of a light blue Buick station wagon on Sunday, KMGH reported.

WABI-TV, out of Bangor, Maine, reports somebody reported seeing the same vehicle in Harmony, about 14 miles southeast of Dexter.

Sgt. Alan Grinnel, with the Dexter Police Department, told KMGH they have had no confirmation that the girl the woman spotted was Jessica, but authorities there are taking the tip seriously.

False sightings of missing persons are not uncommon, particularly in cases like Jessica's that have garnered national attention. In a statement earlier this month ahead of the one-year anniversary of Lisa Irwin's disappearance, the Kansas City Police Department said they had investigated hundreds of potential sightings of the girl, but none had turned up any viable leads.

A tweet Wednesday morning from the Westminster Police Department ( @WestminsterPD ) warned people to be cautious of unverified information in this case.

Jessica's father, Jeremiah Bryant, joined her mother and other family members at a news conference Tuesday night near Denver to talk about their daughter and the search.

Bryant and Jessica's great grandmother were both questioned shortly after the girl's disappearance last week, but have been cleared of any wrongdoing, according to investigators.

For more of what Jessica's family had to say on Tuesday night's news conference, click here:

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