Loved ones gather for vigil of slain Independence, Mo., man

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - Corey Laykovich's family wants to know what happened the night he was stabbed. His brother found him bleeding on his bed around 3:00 a.m. but he later died at the hospital. 


On Saturday evening family and friends held a vigil for the 22 year old who was killed a week before.


They gathered near Crackneck Road and 39th Street in Independence where they believe Corey was before he made his way home.


Josh Metje, Corey's youngest brother, said he would always go for walks near his home. "We walked around this block and to quik trip and to walmart and to down to Independence center and it was never a problem."


During the early morning hours Saturday, July 27th, Corey made the same trip home.


"He was out with friends and he was talking with someone on the phone and the last thing anyone heard was I'm going to run up to quiktrip then I'm going home," Corey's mom Michelle Metje explained.


Corey made it home that night but somewhere along the way he was stabbed and later died in the hospital.


"You think you're in a safe neighborhood, you think you know your neighbors, you think you're doing everything you can for your kids and then your kid goes to quiktrip and he's dead," said Corey's mom.


But a week later there are still many questions and concerns.


Cathy Reynolds, Corey's aunt said, "I think right now we're all in the mode of keeping our children close to us, not letting them go outside right now because we don't know where it happened."


There was one bit of solace for the family at the vigil. After Corey's death, his organs were able to save at least five other people's lives. They wore "Donate Life" bracelets in his honor.


Corey was a student at Wright Career College. His family has set up a fund to help pay for memorial services.

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