Police chief says Independence Center shooting investigation almost complete

Independence police chief Tom Dailey said Tuesday night he expects to wrap up the investigation into the Independence Center shooting quickly. 

" We have two people in custody that we are questioning at this time they are cooperating with us.  We feel that we should have this wrapped up fairly quickly," Dailey said. 

Tuesday night was the first city council meeting since the shooting at the mall that left two teen victims shot. 

Police say Saturday a fight between two groups escalated to the gunfire. 

During the meeting Tuesday night, city leaders said they're thrilled police have two people in custody. 

"This kind of situation happens no matter where you are and it all depends on how you handle it and our people handled it very well," Independence Mayor Don Reimal said. "They have two people they are talking to, that's quick." 

He also said he didn't expect this crime to hurt shopping in the area. The mayor said he went shopping at the mall Sunday. 

" I was not going to let this incident stop me from going and taking care of some shopping" Remal said. 

City manager Robert Heacock agreed.

"The mall didn't seem to be effected or negatively impacted this weekend after the incident," Heacock said. "So we believe people will understand the isolated and random nature of this event."

The Police chief would not say if the pictures released are the two men they're  talking to but the chief did say surveillance video played a huge part in this investigation. 

"If you come to Independence Center or Independence and commit this type of crime you will be caught there are numerous surveillance systems at the center" said Dailey. 

The chief also said shoppers have nothing to worry about. 

"This is an isolated incident, it has never happened out there before and we don't expect it to happen again."

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