Community fed up with recent violence in KCMO

16 shot, 3 fatally in KCMO over 48 hours

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - In 48 hours, 16 people were shot in Kansas City -- three of them died. The violence has people fed up in the city's east side neighborhoods.

Early Sunday morning, nine people were shot, leaving one person dead. Just blocks away, on 18th Street and Kansas Avenue one more person was killed.

The violence is nothing new for people in the neighborhood but people like Antonette Collins say they're sick of it.

Collins lives between the sites of both shootings. 

"It hits home because you hear the gunshots at night; you hear the police sirens at night; you hear the helicopters at night, and I'm sick of it," she said. "It's useless killing, our kids are dying and no one seems to care or they're not doing anything about it."

That's why Collins works at Emmanuel's Community Center -- she wants to help put an end to the cycle.

The community center is a safe environment for kids aged 12 to 14.

And even though the recent violence has been in Collins neighborhood, she believes it affects everyone.

"It's happening so much we've become numb to it -- we expect it," Collins said. "Oh, it's just another shooting. Oh, it's just another kid, but it's our kids -- it's our future. If the kids keep dying, where will it leave us?"

Pat Clarke is a community outreach activist who was once involved in the violence himself, Clarke said people like himself who have lived through it can help make a change.

"A lot of these guys that have lived that type of life will step forward and say 'Hey, you know what, that's no good. I already did it for you," said Clarke. "I just know that if we keep having 13-14 shootings, every weekend, every week, we're not going to have anyone else to talk about."

Following the outbreak in violence, members of the Jackson County Sheriff's Office, Jackson County Prosecutor's Office and the Kansas City Police Department planned an outreach event. That's planned for 5:30 p.m. Tuesday at St. Luke's United Methodist Church, 9420 James A. Reed Road in Kansas City.

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