Hoarders turn in dozens of cats and dogs

JACKSON COUNTY, Mo. - Kennels full of animals showed up Thursday at the Great Plains SPCA in Independence. There were 29 cats and four dogs, all hoarded at a run-down mobile home in rural Jackson County.

Great Plains director of humane resources Joe Hinkle said the animals' owners had been in contact with him for some time. They will be evicted Friday, and one of them is dealing with cancer.

"The owners really loved these animals, they were really upset that they were having to give them up," he explained. "But they realized that it was just out of their control."

The owners told Hinkle the problem started when some stray cats were dropped off at their home. None were spayed or neutered, so the number of cats kept climbing. Hinkle said two more cats are pregnant right now.

"In another couple of weeks, the 14 kittens could have easily become 30 or 35 kittens," Hinkle said.

The owners will not face charges because they voluntarily turned in the animals, and they were all in reasonably good health, according to Hinkle. He expects them to turn over eight more animals.

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