Petition against QuikTrip delivered at City Hall

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Upset neighbors of a proposed QuikTrip store delivered more than 1,100 signatures on Thursday afternoon to city councilmembers at the 10th floor of city hall.

The petition is focused the vacant land at 33rd Street and Southwest Trafficway where QuikTrip wants to build a convenience store.

Scott Burnett who lives in the Roanoke neighborhood personally told the company they're not welcomed.

"We think QuikTrip is a good company, they run a fine organization but this is too tight and don't come here,” Burnett said.

Opponents say the QuikTrip will cause traffic congestion and lower property values.

"Visually, we like the bare ground but that's not to say we would take commercial development. It simply needs to be something that's mixed use that's compatible with the surrounding neighborhoods," Larry Bowman said, who opposes the Quiktrip proposal.

A QuikTrip spokesperson said Thursday talks between the company and neighbors haven't been active for the last three to four months, but hope to continue dialogue if possible.

QuikTrip has yet to purchase the property.

"There are many sites where QuikTrip can go that would work just as well," Bowman said.

If QuikTrip wants to make its proposal a reality, it will have to submit an official plan to the city.

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