Lee's Summit man produces movie about 'Unlimited' hope

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Harold Finch hasn't had a successful career. He's had several of them.

He worked as a NASA scientist, he was an educator, corporate trainer and he now lectures on the keys to success.

When the Lee's Summit man felt the need to give back, he started on mission work, and recently everything came together.

Now he is executive producer of a movie called "Unlimited". They just finished shooting in El Paso, where Fred Thompson played the part of Harold himself, who inspires the main character.

"The movie is not an end to itself, but could launch further the things that I teach," Finch said. "This is really a movie about hope."

That's what Finch says his lectures and book are about - the traits that successful people have that we all share, and how we can bring them out to be successful as well.

"It's not about fame and fortune. It's about achieving the desires of your heart. If we do that … you're going to live a satisfying life," Finch said.

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