Lee's Summit residents want councilman ousted for supporting construction of new Walmart

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - Lee's Summit residents are starting a petition to remove Councilman Rob Binney from office for supporting the construction of a new Walmart Supercenter.

The council approved an ordinance Thursday night that changed the zoning of the land near 291 and 150 Highway so Walmart would be eligible to begin development.

Brandi Riggs lives in the area and has been leading a group of hundreds of residents who are opposed to the new box store because of predicted traffic increases.

Riggs, who lives in Binney's district, filed a request Thursday to begin a petition to oust the councilman.

"We did a lot of research to try and present our case. We felt like we brought in viable information, viable concerns," Riggs said. "We talked to a lot of members of the community making sure that it wasn't just a small group of us that felt that way. Based on the continued efforts of council to pass this, regardless of what the citizens have to say, we just feel like this is just the most appropriate next step."

When asked about the petition, Binney responded casually, saying that the process will not impact his vote.

"If they want to go through that democratic process, they're absolutely entitled to," Binney said.

Riggs will have 60 days to collect signatures from 30 percent of the residents in Binney's district who voted in the last election.

If the required number of signatures is collected and verified, the entire district will vote on whether or not Binney should remain on the council.


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