Lee's Summit woman reports black bear sighting

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - Kelly Greeninger remembers June 28, 2013 vividly -- it was the day she reported seeing a black bear.

"I was driving home after dropping my son off at school when I saw a black bear across the street," Greeninger said.

She was on Pryor Road near the Eagle Creek subdivision. 

"There is no doubt in my mind it was a black bear," she said.

Greeninger said the bear was about 3 feet high, walking on all fours and disappeared in some bushes along Pryor Road.

Bill Graham with the Missouri Department of conservation is not willing to confirm the sighting without hard evidence. 

"We like to have proof like a photograph or scar or paw-prints," Graham said. 

Greeninger says she's not the only one who saw the black bear. Her neighbor, Tammy McCoy, also called the Missouri Conservation Department and reported seeing a black bear the day before Greeninger did.

"The bear was in a fields, bends over and appeared to be eating," McCoy said, "It was dark so at first I thought maybe it was a mountain lion, then I realized it was a bear."

Now, parents in Eagle Creek are warning their children to be on the lookout for a black bear. 

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