Drug made from tree bark found in Liberty lab bust

LIBERTY, Mo. - Police are investigating a drug lab they found at a Liberty apartment complex Tuesday.

Liberty and Clay County Law enforcement called in the Kansas City Police Department meth unit for help.

But, it wasn't a meth lab they found.

"It was DMT, a derivative of tree bark," Sgt. Tim Witcig said.

Authorities said when manufactured with solvents, it can produce a powerful hallucinogen.

Police said DMT is not new and something they see occasionally. A self-described counter-culture across the country would like to see the drug's popularity rise.

A popular documentary available on Netflix calls DMT the "spirit molecule." A music video by the band 'The Slowdown' was inspired by the effects of DMT.

Band members Josh Johnson and Sam Hoskins are based in Kansas City, Mo.

"I started writing about it and then it came to me," said Hoskins. "All these connections that I felt were pretty much right on."

"People have always been searching for a greater connection throughout history and this is something you can do that really gives you that," said Johnson.

Johnson and Hoskins support the movement behind the substance. They said DMT is found naturally in the brain and is released during dreaming and even during death, causing out-of-body experiences.

"It isn't to be taken lightly," said Johnson.

The law doesn't. Manufactured DMT is considered an illegal drug. Police consider it dangerous.

"The big problem is when you get out in public and let's say get behind the wheel of a car," said Sgt. Tim Witcig of the Kansas City Police Department's meth unit.

Police are still searching for the source of the lab.

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