Liberty Terrace Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center forced to shut down after resident complaints

LIBERTY, Mo. - Staff and residents at a Liberty healthcare center are forced to leave by next month after complaints from patients claim negligence and abuse.

The Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services sent the director a letter last month informing her they were terminating their agreement with the center.

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The center has 134 beds, and patients are now being transferred to other places by the August 7 deadline.
Documents reveal that surveyors from the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services visited the site multiple times and found numerous violations.

In the documents from May, one resident complained to surveyors saying a "staff member yelled and slammed the snack cart into one resident.”

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The report says staff members failed to write a report.

Another resident said that when "staff yelled at him or her she or he felt like a 'three year old and my life is a living hell.'"

That resident admitted to being suicidal.

But the complaints began much earlier than this year.

In 2014, the state filed a report stating the center failed to provide necessary care for four of the four surveyed residents.

One of those patients died from an infection.

According to records, surveyors reported that staff failed to identify the resident's physician in a timely manner of the resident’s change in health.

They also reported that staff misplaced a prescription order for the same patient who later died at a hospital.

Records show at least three wrongful death suits have been filed against the center.

Jeanne Moore, a spokesperson for Genesis Healthcare, the company that's owned the center since February of this year, told 41 Action News:

"While Liberty Terrace strongly disagrees with this decision, CMS has directed that they on cooperation with various state agencies develop a plan to relocate residents."


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