Power struggle between neighbors in Liberty and utility company over proposed transmission line

LIBERTY, Mo. - A group of neighbors hope a petition and a formal complaint will be enough to stop a high-voltage transmission line from being built feet from their homes in the Clarksboro/Windsor Estates subdivision.

In November of 2012, utility company Ameren Missouri filed an application with the Missouri Public Service Commission to build the line from an existing line to the LMV Automotive Systems, which is located just south of South Liberty Parkway.

Ed Busch and his wife might reconsider retiring in their home in West Clarksboro if the proposed transmission line is built just past their backyard.

"40 foot power poles 30 feet from my barn," Busch said.

They argue the utility company should have notified them before moving forward, but the commission said they're not required to since it won't be on their land.

Busch only found out about the proposed line because another neighbor heard from a landowner who received eminent domain notification.

The neighbors filed two formal complaints over the project with the Missouri Public Service Commission, citing concerns over property values and their health.

"We are not aware of any proven health issues associated with electrical power lines," said David Hagen, Supervising Engineer with Ameren.

Ameren's Supervising Engineer David Hagen said they considered several routes after LMV Automotive Systems selected Ameren to provide the service.

"This route was chosen because it's the shortest, least invasive route we could find," Hagen said.

Ameren Missouri has until April 17 to either file an answer or request mediation to the public service commission over the filed formal complaints.

If you would like to read Ameren's application to the Missouri Public Service Commission, visit http://tinyurl.com/cogwreq.

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