Principal calls former students back to school

LIBERTY, Mo. - A principal in Liberty called a graduating senior class back to their old elementary school on Sunday.

Principal Chris Gabriel told seniors it was time to dig up the time capsule the class had buried 12 years ago.

The graduating seniors were the original kindergarten class when Lillian Schumacher Elementary School opened in 1999.

After the principal dug up the muddy box, the former students pulled out their old art.

One student began to laugh when she first saw the crayon scribbles on the wet piece of paper.

The principal said digging up the items the Class of 2012 buried 12 years ago closes one chapter of their lives and opens up another.

Senior Jayson Zimmerman reminisced when he found the class's old yearbook.

"It was pretty crazy. I opened up the yearbook and it was slimy. It was awesome," said Zimmerman.

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