Liberty officials caution tornado warning sirens may not be working

LIBERTY, Mo. - Residents in Liberty, Mo., are being warned not to depend on the tornado siren warning system.

Liberty police and firefighters noticed a slight delay in their radio communications system and are concerned that could cause the tornado sirens to malfunction.

"We checked the sirens on the computer, but until we get to actually test the system and hear the alarms we won't know for sure if the sirens will work," said Liberty Fire Chief Mike Snider.

The fire chief is warning residents to look at local television weather reports and listen to their weather radios or other storm warning apps and programs.

Liberty has 30,000 residents and 12 outdoor tornado warning sirens.

"The sirens are meant for people who happen to be outdoors and are not aware that a tornado could be approaching," Snider said. "We will test the sirens again once the weather has cleared and there is absolutely no threat of severe weather."

Sirens are only activated when there is a tornado warning. Liberty city officials noticed the possible problem with sirens before Sunday's severe weather. Residents were alerted, but the concern over the sirens turned out to be a non-issue because there was no need for a tornado warning.

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