Travis Stoufer and Lyndell Brenton run for Liberty mayor

LIBERTY, Mo. - Two candidates are running for Liberty mayor this year.

Travis Stoufer and Lyndell Brenton will be competing for office.

Brenton has been a city councilman for 14 years, while Stoufer has served in the military for 12 years.

Both candidates seem confident about tackling the issue of the city's budget.

"It wouldn't be a new challenge. I've dealt with multi-million dollar projects before, limitations on budgets, trying to cut costs and looking at certain issues related to budgets," said Stoufer.

Brenton believes his experience with budgets, puts him in the postion to lead the city of Liberty.

"The experience I've had with this as the budget chair -- I think I'm well prepared to deal with those. They don't frighten me. I look at them as challenges," Brenton said.

Liberty voters will elect a new mayor April 2.

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