Investigation: City workers dumped bodies of dogs in Northland

KANSAS CITY, Mo - An investigation conducted by Kansas City’s animal control blames city workers for improperly dumping the bodies of dead dogs in the Northland.

The new developments are a shock to neighbors who live near the site where the dogs were dumped. 

Brad Schleeter, a father of five, lives a stone's throw away from the area where just a week ago the bodies of dogs were dumped. Many of them wrapped in plastic bags and scattered.

"Dumped animals are not good at all there's disease, all sorts of nasty stuff,” Schleeter said.

Last week animal control sent crews to the remove the bodies. The unusual circumstances of the discovery prompted animal control to assign a special investigator to the case.

During the investigation, they found that on one day, two long-time city workers with the dead animal collection crew did their rounds around the city. But instead of taking the dogs to the animal shelter to have them cremated at the end of the day; they ended up in this remote area.

“For it to be city workers I would expect them to be the ones that would have to clean up something like that not dump it,” Schleeter said.

One of the reasons the city is furious over the employees' actions. “This is something that should have not happen. The city does not condone this action,” Chris Hernandez, a Kansas City spokesperson said.

The two employees are facing disciplinary action over this incident including the possibility of losing their jobs.

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