Man charged with killing pedestrian on 210 Highway at Searcy Creek Parkway

Clay County authorities charged a man after a body was found last week on 210 Highway.

Joseph C. Holliway faces charges of involuntary manslaughter, leaving the scene of an accident and property damage. During the accident, Holliway knocked down a power pole.

Police were called to the area on July 23 on a report of an accident. According to the probable cause statement, the caller told police that a white truck jumped the median and hit a pedestrian. But when police arrived, they found no vehicle and no victim.

James D. Barker, 31, of Kansas City, Mo., was found on July 25 on the side of 210 Highway near Searcy Creek Parkway. Authorities said he had been hit on July 23. He had last been seen that day at 6:05 p.m. leaving his job at Worlds of Fun.

Police said they received two tips that Holliway was the driver. Authorities said Holliway got into an argument with his wife about the accident. The couple went back to the scene six days after the accident, and Holliway saw something blue, which made him believe he had hit someone.

Police said Holliway was wearing a blue shirt when he was killed. Authorities found the white truck at Holliway's house with a tarp over the top of the truck.

Holliway told detectives that he blacked out, ran off the road and hit a light pole. According to the probable cause statement, Holliway's wife told authorities he was a methamphetamine user. He told authorities he had not used the day of the wreck, but had every day since. Authorities said he did not call authorities after he realized he had killed someone.

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