Parkville carnival rides shut down ahead of Fourth of July after failing inspection

PARKVILLE, Mo. - A neighborhood in northwest Kansas City had to close down its carnival rides ahead of its Fourth of July celebration.

Parkville, Mo., announced on its Facebook page on Wednesday that its carnival rides will not be used during the city’s Fourth of July celebration after several of the rides failed safety inspections.

For more than 20 years at Parkville's Fourth of July celebration, Bonnie Gosch's lemonade and funnel cakes have been a mainstay. So were the carnival rides until this year.

"I was called and told that none of the rides were going to go," Gosch said.

It's upsetting news for Gosch, who travels all the way from South Dakota, and the several thousand people who attend the annual event.

All because the carnival rides failed two safety inspections on Wednesday.

"We were disappointed to see the quality of the ride on site yesterday," Lauren Palmer, a City of Parkville administrator said. 

The roof of a roller coaster car was rusted through, some seat belts were not working on the kiddie carousel and seats not securely attached on the dragon ride were some of the problems a state inspector found.

According to the city of Parkville, the carnival rides also failed an electrical inspection by the Southern Platte Fire Protection District.

"This is a first for me, but it's a learning lesson, most important thing is the safety and welfare of the public," Tom Hutsler, chairman of the Main Street Parkville Association said.

The rides belong to Bluff City Shows out of Fisk, Mo. It's the first time Parkville has hired the company.

"We really wanted to do this. I'm terribly sorry that it happened that the way it did," Matt Haskel with Bluff City Shows management said.

Now Gosch and her grandson, Nicholas, a young entrepreneur, will rely on the festival's history and word of mouth to bring in business.

"The carnival and event has grown with us or we have grown with them it's a big hole a big gap to not have the carnival here working," Gosch said.

A local group of boy scouts will volunteer to run the bounce house. It costs $10 for a wristband for unlimited playtime.

The festival is open Thursday and Saturday to the public until 10 p.m. A parade and a fireworks show is planned for Friday.

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