Student in custody after bringing gun to Platte County school

PLATTE COUNTY, Mo. - A student is in custody after bringing a handgun to Park Hill High School on Wednesday.

Administrators received a report that the student had a gun close to the end of the school day. He was immediately brought to the office, where officials found the weapon.

The student, who is a minor, was taken into custody by the Platte County Sheriff's department and is being held at a local juvenile detention facility. Officials have not yet determined what charges -- if any -- will be filed against him.

In a news conference Wednesday night, principal Dr. Brad Kincheloe said another student alerted administrators to the gun.

He said the student's report shows "the safety procedures we have in place are working -- and working well."

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Capt. Erik Holland said the boy who brought the gun told authorities he had it because of issues that were not school related.

"He had no intention of using the gun at school," Holland said. "There was no threat."

No one was injured in the incident, which occurred less than a week after a student was found with a Glock 19 and ammunition at Hogan Preparatory Middle School in Kansas City, Mo.

Barb DiBlasi, who has four sons who attend school in the district -- including two at Park Hill -- is relieved no one was hurt.

"Of course, you're always panicked whenever there's a situation where there's a weapon involved," she said. "The initial reaction was, 'thank God it made it all the way through the day without there being an incident.'"

DiBlasi said she's thankful for the quick response from the school staff and the Platte County Sheriff's office, but gives most of the credit to the reporting student.

"That's the person that really deserves all the thanks in all this because it's really hard to be that guy who comes out and says 'Hey, I think there's a dangerous weapon,'" DiBlasi said.

School officials would not release the gender, age or grade of the reporting student.

Kincheloe said the incident will likely have no impact on the school's security policies because he feels confident his students understand that each of them are responsible for each other's safety.

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