Wallaby banned from returning home

PLATTE CITY, Mo. - Owners of a Platte City wallaby will have to find a new home for their pet after city council members said Tuesday the animal is too dangerous to keep within city limits.

The wallaby's name is 'Noah.'  He escaped from his owner's backyard on Thanksgiving Day and was taken to the Kansas City Zoo until city leaders determined if it were legal to keep wallabies in the city.

Last week, the city's public safety committee said 'Noah' is an exotic animal, and according to preexisting ordinance, exotic animals are not allowed in the city.

Allowing the wallaby in the city opens the door for other exotic animals to brought in, says Platte City Administrator DJ Gehrt.  He says public safety was the number one concern behind the city leaders'

The wallaby's owner Emily Wood says 'Noah' does not pose a threat to the community. Wood says she knows dogs that are more dangerous than Noah.

She says she's not done fighting.  She has started to collect signatures and has created a Facebook page with hopes of gaining community support.  She says she plans on returning to city leaders in
the future and hopes they reconsider.

"To my family, he is family," Wood said.  "He's not just a normal pet. He's our baby."

Wood and her family have raised 'Noah' since he was 10 months old and have had him for four years.

Wood says her family has not seen their pet since it was taken to the zoo because 'Noah' has been quarantined from the public and other animals.

City leaders are not requiring the wallaby to stay at the zoo.  Their only requirement is it not be brought back to Platte City.

Wood says her family will be working with the zoo to find a permanent home.

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