Protesters peaceful in Ferguson Friday despite officer's name, video released

FERGUSON, Mo. - For a second night, after several days of violent demonstrations, protesters were peaceful in Ferguson, Mo., Friday.

Police released the name of the officer involved in the shooting of Michael Brown, Officer Darren Wilson, and the convenience store security footage that police said that allegedly shows Michael Brown minutes before he was killed stealing cigars and pushing a clerk.

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson said Officer Wilson stopped the teen and a companion for blocking traffic; the officer may not have known Brown was a suspect in the robbery.

The focus on the alleged robbery and the release of the video have become the focus of new outrage.

“The family feels that that was strategic. It was aimed at denigrating their son. It was a character assassination attempt,” family attorney Anthony Gray said.

The community was also angered.

“They want to justify the killing. Homicide is homicide,” one resident said.

As rallies continued, officials asked for calm and civility.

“In our anger, we have to make sure we don’t burn down our own houses,” Missouri Highway Patrol Captain Ronald Johnson said. “We can stand on our sidewalks. We can talk about what we need, and our conversation that needs to happen, and we can make that happen.”

The FBI is looking for more witnesses who have not come forward. They will canvas the area tomorrow. 

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