Raytown superintendent asks parents to protest proposed soccer complex

RAYTOWN, Mo. - The Raytown School District will explore every option in an effort to prevent a proposed soccer complex from being built.

District parents received a letter this week from Dr. Allan Markley, the district superintendent, asking for their help in the effort.

The complex would be built at Swope Park and include six soccer fields, concession stands and other upgrades.

The district opposes taxpayer dollars being used to help pay for the project.

"We're talking about $4 million from the outset being funneled in and then another $4 million - which is over $8 million,'' Markley said Wednesday. "We believe we can do a lot more with $8 million in this school district for our students than a soccer complex will.''

The TIF commission voted last month to table the idea.

The commission will take it up again in January.

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