Social media campaign 'Shop Ferguson' hopes to bring business to Ferguson shops

FERGUSON, Mo. - The looting and closed streets have forced businesses in Ferguson to close early.

Now there's a push to not only shop local but shop Ferguson.

Senator Claire McCaskill launched a social media campaign called Shop Ferguson.

It's intended to help business owners like Charles Davis. He runs the Ferguson Burger Bar and More.

While other businesses remained closed, Davis decided to stay open.

He appreciated the push to help small businesses in town, and he hopes people aren't afraid to visit because of the protests and riots.

“Not one of them was from Ferguson, so I wasn't going to be afraid of it. I'm here for my city and anyone that's willing to come in and patronize this city,” Davis said.

It will take some businesses longer than others to re-open, but people in Ferguson said they hope the city will eventually return to normal. 

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