With school postponed, teachers pitch in to help the Ferguson community

FERGUSON, Mo. - The protests and riots have taken a toll on the kids in Ferguson, Mo.

The district canceled school through the week. That's left teachers waiting as well.

Some started a school of their own for the time being at the local public library.

Parents dropped off more than 40 kids today for activities like science and art projects.

These teachers hope it's a little bit of normalcy during this chaotic time.

"At least to be here doing these sort of fun, quasi education activities, socially it's really good to do things for kids who have been really bummed out to be able to be here with some of the friends they know and tkind of meeting new people too so it's been a good thing for everybody involved,” Carrie Pace, a Ferguson-Florissant school teacher, said.

Neighboring school districts are also out of class, and some teachers gave a lesson in helping others.

Teachers from the Jennings School District near Ferguson had an "in-service" day, but they ended up going to Ferguson and cleaning up debris from the riots.

“We’re out here to build up the community, not take it down, and so all of our teachers thought it be wonderful to clean up the community on West Florissant,” Tiffany Anderson, Superintendent for the Jennings School District, said.

The district also offered free lunches and mental health counseling. Jennings School District was scheduled to start last Thursday, but it has been delayed until at least the end of this week. 

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