RV family helps Olathe family of sick child who collects 'fun' Band-Aids for others

Olathe, Kan. - A family traveling across the country in an RV has stopped in the KCK area to help out those in need.

Gregg Murset and his family did chores for the Wilson family in Olathe, Kan., on Thursday while their son Noah fights spinal cancer.

Murset has also created an online app that tries to teach kids about chores and responsibility.

The Wilson family said the small gesture goes a long way for them.

“It's really hard to find the time, you know, to do the weeds outside and to do the chores, and so having a family that will help you is so wonderful and just keeps us feeling like normal again,” Deborah Wilson, Noah's mom, said.

Murset and his family are going to keep helping strangers across the U.S. throughout the summer as part of their Work Across America tour.

Additionally, Noah is also helping others. After getting some shots at Children’s Mercy hospital, he wanted a cool Band-Aid instead of the regular brown kind. But when the hospital told him they didn’t have a lot of different ones, Noah asked his mom and dad if they could do something to change that.

With the help of Facebook and word of mouth, they began collecting donations of Band-Aids with superheroes and sports teams to give to kids who are also sick.

“But for a kid, a Band-Aid symbolizes that you've finished a procedure ... you know, you finished something that was painful ... causes anxiety. And it's a sign you're on the mend, that you're getting better,” Scott Wilson, Noah’s dad, said.

Noah’s program is called Band-Aids-4-U. They’ve already received more than 900 Band-Aids so far.

Due to legal issues, the Wilsons are not allowed to give the Band-Aids to the kids at the doctor’s office. Instead, they drop them off at the kids’ homes.

If you'd like to donate band-aids, please send donations to: 

119 N. Parker Street; Suite 110
Olathe, KS 66061-3139.

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