Best Buy iPhone trade-in promotion begins Friday; trade in iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S for new iPhone 5

(WXYZ) - A Best Buy program allowing you to trade in old iPhone's for the new iPhone 5 is coming back.

The promotion begins this Friday and runs for the following 9 days.

The deal is, if you have a working iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S model you can trade it in to get a free iPhone 5 in return.

If Best Buy deems your older phone worth more than the $149.99 price of an iPhone 5, it'll make up the difference with a Best Buy gift card.

To qualify you must be eligible for a phone upgrade with your wireless carrier.

The deal also requires you to get a new two-year data plan.

Best Buy says it had its biggest day ever for its trade-in program June 1 -- when they first launched the deal.

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