California passes social media bill; allows minors to erase postings

CALIFORNIA - What happens on the internet can be hard to erase, but it just got easier for teens in California.

California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill that will give minors in the state the chance to remove embarrassing photographs and posts on social media websites.

A new Kaplan study finds an increasing number of college admissions officers check Facebook.

Under the law, website operators will be required to allow minors to remove their own postings.

"We were all young. You know you're fooling around and you post something that you don't mean to be derogatory or embarrassing," Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg said. "Well little do you know that you're college application could hinge on something that you didn't intend to be hurtful or harmful but it turns out was or is."

The law would not apply if the content had been reposted by a third party. The bill also prevents websites from advertising products to minors that are illegal for them to purchase.

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