Day 3: Stay-at-home mom and anchor participate in Digital Detox

Hayley Woods is on day 3 of Digital Detox, with only her home phone to connect. 41 Action News Anchor Christa Dubill called her Monday afternoon to see how things were going.

"I forgot to pay a bill," Woods said. "So I had to call and try to pay it over the phone, but there was a $15 fee to pay by phone."

She would normally hop online and pay the bill -- no fee. But since she's on digital detox she can't use the Internet. She decided not to pay the bill over the phone; she called her husband and had him pay the bill online. She laughed at the idea of handing off the job to someone else.

Woods also felt out of touch with her children over the weekend. She and her husband had purchased a Groupon to stay at the Elms Sunday night. She'd remembered to print off the coupon ahead of her detox, since she wouldn't be able to use the Groupon app, but she wasn't able to just pick up the hotel phone and call her parents to check on the kids. Since it was long distance, fees applied, whereas had she been able to use her cell phone, long distance isn't an issue.

As for how her kids are taking her digital detox (she has two preschoolers), they are missing her phone. Woods recounted a weekend car ride lasting 35 minutes, and her daughter repeatedly asking for her cell phone so she could watch videos or listen to music. At one point, Woods' daughter even encouraged her to check her purse.

The lack of email is a huge challenge. No last minute correspondence -- no quick picture sent to grandma.

From a woman who admittedly checked Facebook 30-35 times a day before detox -- and texted all day long with her group of friends -- it'll be interesting to hear from Woods on days 4, 5 and 6.

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