Echo-Sense, Inc: Wearable glasses for the blind

DALLAS, Tex. - Think about it. You're blind  and you want to live life like everyone else and see the world beyond the veil of darkness. There is a new invention on the market to make this a possibility.

The invention is called Echo-Sense Network Glasses . They are glasses that connect to a specialized phone and allow someone to talk to you.

So this is how it works. The visually impaired person connects that phone to a carriage. That carriage connects to glasses. Those glasses also have a little ear buds attached to them, which allows the
visually impaired person to hear someone talk to them real time.

The person talking to them? A family member or friend who is committed to helping their loved one see everyday things. the Now KC Skyped with Vizion Partners, - a company out of Texas that helped launch the Echo-Sense wearable glasses. The nifty invention is on the market right now and available to buy.

"I'll sit at my desk here in Dallas, Texas and I guided a blind veteran around in Daytona Beach," Haden Etheridge with Vizion said. "He walked over to a window in Daytona Beach and I described to him what he was looking at, the ocean, the palm trees, the wind, colors, things we all take for granted, he was so excited to get that sort of feedback".

A fundraising company called Raz Mobile , based out of Overland Park helps organizations raise money via mobile. Vizion wants to be able to donate the eye-wear to non-profits that help the blind. They are using Raz to help them.

The cool technology is available now and cost $2,995.

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