Google Fiber demonstration in Kansas City a success

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - More than 1,000 people showed up for a Google Fiber demo in Kansas City Saturday.

Residents were able to experience the one gigabit network, said to be 100 times faster than what most people have now, and ask questions about the system.

Google announced its plans for the Google Fiber internet network in a news conference Thursday. The plan to bring the network to Kansas City has been in the works since March 30, 2011.

Rachel Hack, a Community Manager, believes the new high-speed internet will provide long-term benefits for Kansas City.

"Your access to education, your access to business opportunities, your access to communicate and share with the people you care about is better, it's faster, you're able to innovate and do things in ways we've not yet seen before," Hack said. "We believe that this is going to make a difference for Kansas City for years to come."

In addition to the faster than ever internet, Google Fiber will also include a television service. The TV package allows users to tape up to eight shows at a time and provides up to 500 hours of recording storage.

"It's not just Internet, and it's not just TV," Google Vice President Milo Medin said. "It's Google Fiber."

Google announced that the service will become available to those who want it most. Residents must "raise their hand" and show interest by pre-registering for a $10 fee on .

Google Fiber will only be available to select "Fiberhoods" in Kansas City, Kan., and central Kansas City, Mo.

Current pre-registration rankings show Wornall Homestead, Countryside and Greenway Fields as the Fiberhoods with the most pre-registrations.

Residents can track how their Fiberhood is doing by going to the Google Fiber website, .

"We're going to build our network wherever there's interest," said Google Access General Manager Kevin Lowe, "and we'll build sooner in areas where there's the most interest."

The pre-registration period will last six weeks. The highest-ranked Fiberhoods will be announced Sept. 9.

"Each Kansas City ‘Fiberhood' will consist of about 800 households," Lowe said.

The one-time construction cost for installing Google Fiber is $300.

From there, users choose from two packages; internet/TV and just internet.

The construction fee will be waived for Fiber package purchases with the signing of two year contracts for the combo package or a one year contract for the internet-only package.

The combination package will cost $120 a month. The internet-only package will run $70. A third package, which will offer only internet, but not at the faster speed provided by the one-gigabit connection, will have no monthly cost for anyone who pays the $300 construction fee.

A Nexus 7 Tablet will be the remote control and will come with every Google Fiber TV package at no extra charge. The Tablet can also be used to watch TV throughout your house.

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