Kansas City-made GPS trackers aimed at helping those with Autism

Merriam PD gives away devices hoping to save lives

LEAWOOD, Kan. - For 'KidSport GPS' CEO Brian Sullivan, the idea of the invention came three years ago while on vacation in Florida.

"One of our friends lost their nine-year-old daughter for three hours – so it can happen to anyone," said Sullivan.

The nine-year-old was found.  And so began the official business of Precise Innovations.

The Leawood-based company began as a crowd funding campaign and now has a line of products they believe wont just protect children, but  a demographic which encompasses all ages and countless families across the world. 

There are currently two products, kidsport GPS  and CareF GPS- which is a watch and tracker with voice capability that takes emergency calls from the registered number associated with the device.

What sets these GPS  trackers apart from others, is their durability (waterproof), they're difficult to take off (especially for those with Autism) and they allow you to live track your loved one from your smart phone. Other advances have tracker bands for children, but police have to "carry a wand while hopefully following the kid", a "mildly prehistoric way to find a lost kid," according to kidSportGPS.

How it works| 

The way it works is very simple.

The owners set parameters on their smartphone app before putting the GPS band on their loved one.

Two separate parameters can be set at once (i.e., one for school and one for home). If the band is taken off or the loved one goes beyond the set parameters, the owner gets an instant alert on their smart phone.

It's also them easy to track the individual wearing the band with the live map on the phone application.

Sullivan says they've also sold many to elderly families with dementia.


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