Kansas City start-up's app helps you bet beyond the bracket

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - As Lorna and Mike Mishler cheer on their Jayhawks at Johnny's Tavern in Prairie Village, they admit they bet on a lot more than basketball.

"Who's going to do the laundry first, things like that," Mike laughed. "Usually she wins."

Something about predictions pumps us up.

"I did the coin toss for the Super Bowl!" bartender Matt McMurtray said.

That's how he won $100.

Any and all predictions have a place on an app from Kansas City's latest start-up.

"We kind of call it the 'I told you so' app," Kyle Rogers said, co-founder of Knoda.

People can not only make predictions, but vote on others and even trash talk if they want to. The app keeps track of how well your predictions turn out. If you don't believe someone's prediction, you can even call their bluff.

The predictions range from March Madness hot topics like “Joel Embiid has not played his last game at KU” to the strange. One person predicted “a goose will land on my girlfriend's balcony when she is home.”

Rogers said thousands are using the app to boost their March Madness predictions. If you'd like to try it, the app is free. Check out their website, www.Knoda.com.

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