NRA had no control over shooting app launch date

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The controversial NRA: Practice Range app launched just one month after the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. But a local developer says the NRA had no control of when the app debuted.

The target practice app was originally recommended for ages four and up. That was quickly changed to ages 12 and older.

Darrin Clawson, with Engage Mobile Solutions in Kansas City, said he's surprised it was ever recommended for kids so young.

"We have a set of fields that we fill out that says is this objectionable content, what's the appropriate age range for this application," he explained.

He added that the app's developer, MEDL Mobile, had no control over when it actually launched. He said the approval process for the Apple Store takes between four and 10 days.

"They do a technical assessment of the application, but then they also have a human reviewer that goes through the application to make sure it does what you say it does," he said.

He said that because the practice range app is so sophisticated, development had probably already started well before the Sandy Hook tragedy.

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