Restaurant offers deals for dining without a phone

(NBC) - A Los Angeles restaurant is offering a deal to its diners who check their cell phones at the door.

Eva restaurant is offering a 5 percent discount to customers who choose to pay attention to their dinner partner, rather than their phone screen.

It's like a coat check for your device. Many ask why no one thought of this before.

"I think it's so boorish when people sit around and talk on phones when they are eating food," diner David Bartlett said. "So I think it's marvelous."

Police may struggle with distracted drivers, but the chef at Eva thinks distracted dining can be minimized.

"People are distracted by whether it be work or texting, whatever it might be," Chef Mark Gold said. "You're not going to be in the moment. And we want people to be in the moment, not only with the food, but with each other. And that's kind of the whole basis behind it."

One phone owner admits he took a pass.

"I do have a phone. It's in my pocket," diner George Walker said. "I think I'd rather be asked to silence it as I enter, rather than give it up."

Overall, saving money while checking devices at the door seems to be a popular menu item.

Chef Gold says nearly half of their patrons take advantage of the discount, and many express gratitude at the opportunity to let go of their devices for a while.