Technology may be a double-edge sword for soldiers

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Nowadays, we're used to having constant contact with our friends and family through phones, Facebook, Twitter and even Skype. But what effect does that connectivity have on the men and women serving overseas?

A new study out of the University of Missouri shows having too much contact with loved ones while deployed could do more harm than good.

One Missouri National Guardsman 41 Action News spoke with said having the option to talk every day with loved ones made all the difference in his deployment.

"I'm very family-orientated, so having her there, and I could talk to her every day, it helped my deployment go faster," said Sgt. David Woods with the 1141st Engineer Company.

Woods was deployed overseas for a year and was able to talk to his wife who was living in New York on a daily basis. Woods said he was grateful for the new technology we have today.

Still, the research suggests the majority of those deployed are negatively affected by all the connection, which can lead to distractions and added stress.

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