Tracking your child: There's an app for that

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - From Denver to Kansas City, young kids are getting abducted and hurt by strangers. In light of recent incidents, 41 Action News Today found new technology that could help keep you and your loved ones safe.

The BSafe application is just one mobile application that allows users to track their friends and family members in real time. If you're walking home alone at night or if your kids are walking to school, the BSafe application will help keep you and your family members safe.

You can download the app on your iPhone, Android or Blackberry. Once you set up a list of guardians, loved ones can follow you and can be altered if you are in trouble.

Local parents are warning their kids about stranger danger after several young kids were abducted in the last two weeks.

Christy Higgins says she always makes her children carry their cell phones. She has two kids who walk to school in Leawood, Kan. She says she constantly reminds her kids to be alert when they walking to school. She also, encourages her kids to fight back

"This is the one time you don't have to be polite," she said. "This is the one time that you can hit somebody kick somebody scratch, whatever you need to do and that's something that we talk about a lot in our house."

Other smart phone tracking applications include GPS Tracking Pro, Family Tracker and Instamapper.

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