Vine fights: the new violent trend on social media

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Many young children love to watch a good fight after school. Right now, many of these kids make sure they record the video on their cell phone are share it using social media. They’re using a video sharing app called Vine to post and share violent video. It’s a disturbing trend that’s spreading.

"Vine fights are just basically fights that people post, that happen all around. People post fights all the time. I know people that fight and record fights at a bunch of schools in the area,” Cristo Rey High School student Phajja Redwood said.

Redwood said the recent viral video of a nasty fight where is a girl is hit by a shovel is very popular among kids at school.

“I just watch because it’s just like entertainment I guess. It shouldn't be a source of entertainment actually but it is. I think that's probably why everyone watches it because it's not them and it could be funny," she said.

Phajja’s mother Vanessa Redwood said she is concerned that young kids are using violence as entertainment.

"I don’t agree with this. If this is what the world is turning to as far as entertainment, we’re going to be in a world of trouble,” she said.

The Vine fights also concern local psychologist Dr. Jennifer Prohaska who has been studying the effects of violence and aggression.

“It’s really terrifying with regards to people liking certain photos or certain videos that are violent. You're basically giving the social green light to some of this stuff and if other kids see a social green light to this sort of behavior they're going to keep going with it," she said.

Prohaska said parents need to monitor their kids’ social media and have an honest conversation about fighting.

"If you're going to teach these kids to fight, because I know some parents do teach their kids to physically defend themselves, you also need to teach the context for where that behavior is appropriate and that is critical," she said.

Those lessons have reached the Redwood household. Vanessa said she tells daughter she can defend herself but not start fights.

"You have to teach your kids morals and value. Teach your kids and raise them right. They have to know if they keep getting into ruckus wherever, they’re going straight to jail,” she said

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